Here at GGP we’ll build your company a game changing playbook. With our help, we’ll take your team from the minors into the majors…

Where Do We Apply Our Expertise?

We work with small businesses in all stages of development. From brand new start-up’s to decades old enterprises, we have the skills and knowledge to aid you in moving your business forward. We are uniquely equipped to help get ideas off the ground, manage the host of new issues that crop up when experiencing rapid growth, and shake up your revenue strategy to get you growing again.


Starting a new business is scary and pretty exhilarating. There are so many different things that have to be good to go before you can really take off. Schedule a huddle with us to run through a quick short list of vital areas of concern for start-ups to get the ball rolling in the right direction.


When a business begins to grow rapidly, it can feel worse than a full court press. A host of issues arise (many with process scalability). We help analyze your existing business processes to fill in gaps, make adjustments, and ensure smoother operations while you scale.


Things were going pretty well there for awhile, but you’ve experienced lack luster growth for longer than you care to think about. You may feel down and out, but you can contact us to see how we can get your revenue growing again. Pinch hitters may just be what your business needs.

Software & Consulting Tools

Over the years we’ve utilized dozens of software and consulting applications to advance organizations in a myriad of focused areas. Below are just a small handful of tools we are able to work with to advance email marketing, ERP systems, outsourcing, web design, and project management.