Every business needs a game plan. That’s where we come in.

About Us

Growth Game Plan is here to help your business with its most basic to most advanced needs. Whether you're looking to establish a web presence, improve your revenue generating strategies and infrastructure, or strategically plan out the next three to five years, we'll work to craft a game plan that will get your business exactly where you want it to be.

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Our founder, Jesse Alexander, has been growing small businesses since 2003. Two of those companies made the Inc. 5000's list of fastest growing private businesses in America a total of six times! Growth Game Plan was founded utilizing the ideas learned throughout his tenure at those companies and others, with the goal of helping other businesses achieve even greater success.


Our Services

We live to help small businesses succeed in the their local and regional arenas. Reach out to us today to find out how we can employ our passion for quality web design and marketing services to bring your business to higher playing field.

Web Design | Responsive Web Design in Raleigh NC

Web Design

Full-service creative & coding for WordPress web environments. We’ll make you an outstanding website, link it to major search engines, and optimize it for top performance.

eCommerce | eCommerce Web Design in Raleigh NC


We'll get your business set-up, your products listed, and your entire internet operation up and running with WooCommerce or Shopify in as little as two weeks.

SEO | Search Engine Optimization in Raleigh NC


If you're a local business, we'll optimize your new or existing website, maximize your SEO, and get your business ranking in the top five organic search results on the top search engines.

Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing Services in Raleigh NC

Digital Marketing

We'll build up your digital content strategy, get your business set-up across all major social and advertising networks, and integrate the solutions best suited to your goals.

Brand Marketing | Branding Services in Raleigh NC


We'll help you create an amazing brand profile govern all the creative assets we and others develop for your business including colors, fonts, logos, icons, product packaging, and more.

SEO | Search Engine Optimization in Raleigh NC

Strategic Planning

We'll meet with you and your team to help clarify your organizations goals and objectives. Then we'll assemble a game plan for your entire business and help you execute it.


Our Client Base

Growth Game Plan only works with businesses that have under 50 employees and under $5M in annual revenues. We specialize in helping new businesses get started, and ensuring small businesses reach a higher playing field. We have the skills and knowledge to get businesses at these levels moving forward. We are uniquely equipped to get your ideas off the ground, shake up your strategy, manage growing pains, and increase your brand recognition and revenue. 

Ready to Grow

Revenue from $0-$2M

Starting a new business is scary and pretty exhilarating. There are so many different things that have to be good to go before you can really take off. Schedule a huddle with us to run through a quick short list of vital areas of concern for start-ups to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Ready to Scale

Revenue from $2-$5M

When planning for growth, a host of issues arise (many with process scalability). We help analyze your existing business processes to fill in process gaps, add necessary technology infrastructures, and make tweaks and adjustments to ensure smoother cross-functional operations while you scale.

Our Recent Clients

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Growth Game Plan of Raleigh-Durham-Wake Forest - Client Portfolio 2

Growth Game Plan of Raleigh-Durham-Wake Forest - Client Portfolio 3


Our Technology Arsenal

Over the years we've utilized dozens of software and service tools to help organizations in a myriad of focused areas. Below are just a small handful of tools we are able to work with to advance email marketing, operations, outsourcing, web design, and project management.

Domain Management

We can help get your domains set-up, transferred, and hosted no matter which service you're currently using to a top-off-the-line provider. Then we'll get your site indexed by top search engines and provide you reporting your business needs to succeed.

Web Design & Ecommerce Storefronts

After your domain and hosting services are secured, we'll start building your new or improved website. Based on your needs, we'll build it from scratch, or utilize a beautiful and easy to manage theme and integrate the best ecommerce applications.

Lead & Referral Generation

We will integrate your website, ERP, and CRM with top of the line tools to help increase your lead volume, boost referral income, and map out your entire lead and sales management process to maximize your businesses revenue where ever possible.

Email Marketing Automation

We know how to set-up, manage, and use all the most current applications and tools your business will need to succeed in designing and delivering world-class email marketing messages for both one-off campaigns and automated drip sequences.

Digital Advertising

We'll get your business using the right tools to optimize your search, social, and digital display advertising initiatives. We'll optimize and beautify your pages and content while streamlining your social and influencer marketing programs.

Project Outsourcing

We have extensive experience managing outsourced teams of resources to help get all your business objectives accomplished. Whether it be hiring designers, coders, writers, or more - we can get your projects to those best suited to get them done well.


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Growth Game Plan LLC is currently based in Wake County, NC. Onsite appointments can be set-up at your location if your organization operates within Wake County or Durham County. You are also welcome to consult with us in our offices.

Just give us a call, or fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation and website evaluation.


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